General Investing Insights

3 Investment Risks and What to Do

Each type of investment plays a different role in your portfolio—and presents different risks.

Bonds and Income: How It Works

Many investors look to bonds as a steady income source. Here's why.

Stock Market Volatility: A Tale of Two Investors

Can two investors get the same returns and end up with different results? Here's how timing can impact your portfolio.

Replacing Your Paycheck for Retirement

Taxes may be the next hurdle, but react based on your circumstances, not fear.

Market Volatility: Are You In or Out?

Chasing high-flyers or cashing out are extreme reactions to market risk and volatility. Here’s why the best choice is somewhere in between.

Balance Your Portfolio for All Market Conditions

With investments, it’s impossible to have reward without risk. That’s why you need a balanced portfolio to cover any market conditions.

How Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Informs ESG Analysis

There’s growing evidence that diversity affects companies’ bottom lines. Here’s how we factor DEI issues into our investment analysis.

Want to Prevent Identity Theft? 3 Threats to Watch

Learn how to protect your family from identity theft with these everyday tips to help guard your personal information and prevent identity theft.

Learn how money talks ease relationship stress

The health of your finances and relationship as a couple may depend on regular money talks. Find out how to curb money disagreements together.

Winning with Defense

Looking for defensive investments to help combat market downturns?

Weathering Market Swings

Investors often wonder if they should sell their investments when the market hits a rough patch to avoid losses—but patience can be a virtue in volatile markets.

Choosing a Financial Advisor: When, What, Where & How

Many people rely on experts for help with financial decisions. But how do you find the right mix of experience, trust and comfort? We break it down.

Weathering the Storm: Four Time-Tested Investment Strategies

Investment markets can be unpredictable. But with planning and a long-term view, you can position your portfolio for various conditions. Here's how.

Top 10 Tips for Managing Your Accounts

Use this checklist to get the most out of your investment account experience.

The Surprising Truth about Diversification

Diversification is often touted as the most important strategy in an investor's toolkit. But what is it? And what is it not?

Spring Clean Your Finances

Set a course for a secure future by "spring cleaning" your financial habits. Here are six tips from VP Michael Schoonmaker.

How Women Can Bridge the Gender Investing Gap Now

There's a large gender gap when it comes to investing. Find out why women tend to invest less than men and what steps you can take to close that gap.

Stowers: Turning Passion Into a Legacy

For American Century Investments, the idea of investing with the heart starts with a love story. Learn how we live the story of our founder every day.

Fundamental vs. Quantitative Investing: Same Goal, Different Process

We break down two approaches our own experts use to manage stock portfolios.

The Fed Speaks—Should You Listen?

What you need to know about the Fed and the FOMC—and how they impact your investments.

Diversification and Consolidation: Not Just Investing Jargon

Diversification and consolidation may sound like investment jargon, but they're both important concepts in a portfolio. One aims to help you manage risk, while the other focuses on managing goals.

How Investors Can Fight Inflation

Is inflation coming? Find out what you need to know about inflation and how to prepare your investment portfolio.

Help Your Teen Understand Saving Money

Teenagers who save money now set themselves up for good habits in the future. Get tips for teens on how to save money, understand interest, and more.

Help Your Teen Understand Wants vs Needs

What do teens spend their money on—wants or needs? Learn how to teach them financial literacy skills they need to make the most of their money.

Help Your Teen Understand How to File Taxes

If a teenager has a part-time job or a babysitting gig, do they need to file and pay taxes? Find answers to tax questions for your teen.

Help Your Teen Understand Investing

Who says investing is just for grownups? These tips will help teens start investing money in the stock market and see their money grow over time.

CIO Insights with Rich Weiss

Hear straight talk on the economy, markets and portfolio positioning from Rich Weiss, CIO.

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Start teaching money lessons to your kids now—even the youngest children can learn the value of money, how to save it and the cost of spending.

Is Your Portfolio Prepared for Inflation?

Higher inflation is on the horizon, underscoring the importance of seeking potential purchasing power protection with TIPS.

How to Set Up an Emergency Fund to Prepare for the Unexpected

Emergencies can pop up at the most unlikely of times. Planning for the unexpected helps to cushion the financial blow. Here’s how to do it.

Strengthen Your Bonds

Hear VP & Sr. Client Portfolio Manager Joyce Huang and Private Client Group VP Alex Fishman discuss the important role bond funds can play in a diversified portfolio—one that includes a mix of investments that react differently when markets move up or down.

Why Millennial Couples Keep Their Finances Separate

As more millennials get married, many choose to keep their finances separate. Find out why and how to make it work.

Women: Invest for a Better Life Long Before Retirement

What happens when women start investing their money? Find out what these real women learned from their investing experience, and how they got started.

Volatile Markets? Kick Up Your Financial Knowledge

With market swings in full swing, how do you handle your investments? Here are some pointers on managing today’s economic ups and downs.

What Young Adults Should Know About Budget Basics

These key tips teach young adults about the basics of budgeting and allocating money for bills, starting an emergency fund, choosing cheap fun and more.

Uncover Ways to Find Care for Parents Who Lack Savings

Learn how to help aging parents when they run out of money—plus what you should know about Medicaid and other supportive resources.

Your Financial Restart After COVID

Has COVID changed how you think about your future? Get help re-evaluating your long- and short-term financial plans.

Stocks Are the True Independents in This Election

Presidential elections often lead to volatility in the markets. But “betting” on a political outcome is difficult and potentially costly.

New Normal, New Budget?

We often think of budgeting as a way to save for specific goals. But committing to a budget can also provide a reassuring framework during trying times.

When COVID-19 Affects Your Money—What Now?

The coronavirus is not just a medical crisis. It’s also a financial one for many. Find ways to free up or get money when you need it now.

Juggling Finances While Caring for a Parent

Helping manage your aging parents' finances can be challenging. Here's how to minimize your own risk when taking over your parent's finances.

How Can You Stay Connected?

Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, lockdowns—all are taking a toll. How will you stay connected to family and community in this new world?

Do’s and Don’ts (and Maybes) During Volatility

Wondering what to do with your investments when faced with market volatility? Here’s what to consider.

Counting Change: How Spending and Saving Habits Are Shifting

From current expenses to future goals, many households are managing money differently during the global pandemic and recession. Here’s how.

Caring for an Elderly Parent? 5 Financial Tips for You

Many adult children serve as a caregiver for a parent. Learn how to reduce the financial and emotional impact of stepping back from work to care for a loved one.

7 Tips for Managing Your Household

The pandemic is changing how we live and work. Get tips for managing it all.

How These 3 Real Couples Manage Debt Together

Do married couples share debt? What happens when one spouse has debt—is the other spouse responsible? Find out how real couples manage their debts.

6 Sayings Investors Should Ignore

Investing advice is readily available—but that doesn't mean it has merit. Today we set the record straight to help you achieve your financial goals.

Should You Combine Your Finances After Marriage?

Should you combine your finances with your spouse after marriage? Learn if it makes sense to merge your money (or not), and how to decide.

Should you stay or should you go? How to invest when the stock market reaches record highs.

When markets hit record-breaking highs (or lows), you may wonder if now is the time to invest in stock funds or sell them. Here's what you should do.

Market Orders vs. Limit Orders: Do You Know the Difference?

How many investors think about control when trading stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? Different order types provide increased control over trading, including the price received for a security. Consider the following to expand your knowledge on how to place orders for ETFs and stocks in the markets.

Completing Your Portfolio

Do you have everything you need to grow your portfolio? Here's how different investment types can help you fine-tune your mix.

Building a Growth Engine

How you think about growth depends on what kind of investor you are--just starting out, learning more or taking it to the next level. Which one are you?

Growth Solutions

You need growth for your future. But the path to get there depends on your current situation and what you already own. What are you missing?

A Guide to Your Investing Identity

Knowing what investments you need means understanding who you are as an investor.

Checkpoints: Have I Saved Enough?

The amount you need (for retirement or any other goal) depends on how much you have now, how much you plan to save over time and the average return of your investments.

Understand These 6 Investment Basics to Up Your Game

Ready to start investing? If you're already funding your 401(k) and ready to invest more, here are some basics you need to know.

Tesla Case Study: What Does a Growth Stock Look Like?

Find out why we view Tesla as a transformative technology company positioned for growth well into the future.

Should You Bring Your Investments Together?

Do you have money in more places than you'd planned? Take back control.

Time for a (Portfolio) Checkup?

Maintaining your financial health takes some planning—and regular exams. Here’s what to know to for your next portfolio review.

Cyber Security: Guarding Your Data

Learn this Cyber Security Month how we proactively work to guard client data against the threat of cyber criminals.

Holiday Gift Guide: Is a Budget on Your List?

This year see how your spending and saving habits can set you up for financial success—or financial stress.

Debt: What Your Child Needs to Know

Wondering how to discuss finances with your child? Learn how to talk to your child about money and debt, and practical methods to teach them the value of money.

Child Buying a House? What to Know if You Want to Help

Parents with the money to give down payment assistance to their child should know how much they can give, gift tax rules and mortgage lender requirements.

5 Quick Year-End Tax Tips

Tax Day might seem far off, but you still have time to beat year-end deadlines to help reduce your tax bill and boost next year’s refund. Here’s how.

9 Tax Tasks to Do Before Year-End

April's tax deadline may seem like far off, but a few year-end tasks can put things in order before your 2018 filing.

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Closing Out a Wild 2018

The roller-coaster ride of 2018 provides important reminders about market behavior—particularly after several years of consecutive returns.

My Parents Are Struggling: 4 Ways to Help Financially

If your aging parents are struggling financially, learn how to help to get them back on their feet.

Protect Your Data—and Your Dollars

Are you in control of your online data? With data breaches in the headlines more and more, get tips to safeguard your info and protect your finances.

No "Mayday" Necessary: How to Keep Volatility in Perspective

Don't let emotional "mayday" decisions ruin your financial plans.

Investing & Baseball: Cover Your Bases

What says summer more than baseball? Take lessons from America's pastime and make sure you have all positions covered in your investment portfolio.

Impact Investing: Making Good with Your Money

As part of a growing trend, investors are aligning their financial goals and values. Explore the landscape of impact investing.

Feeling Lucky? Don't Chance It with Your Investments

Don't chance trying to time the market with your investments. Learn why your best strategy may be spending time "in" the market.

Expecting a Baby? Plan for a Lifetime of Expenses

Whether you carefully planned for children, or you were pleasantly surprised, at some point finances need to be considered. It doesn't matter if Junior is two years old or 12 years old, it's never too late to make sound financial decisions for the whole family. Here are some tips to get you started.

5 Hazards on the Road Trip to Financial Success

This summer, don't take a detour from your financial plan. Get five tips to avoid common financial roadblocks and keep your portfolio on course.

Financial Stress: The Link Between Health and Wealth

Can you stop financial stress before it starts? A comprehensive plan can help you manage life’s financial hazards.

More Invested in You

You work hard to provide for yourself, your family, your legacy. So do we. Put our passion for investing to work for your future.

4 Investing Tips for Now—No Matter What Markets Do

We all know about market uncertainty, but 2018 made us feel its effects in a big way. Try these strategies to help tackle volatility.

5 Tips to Prep for Your Financial Session

Make the most of your next session with your financial advisor by prepping ahead of time.

Golf and Investing: More in Common than You Think

Being successful at golf—and investing—involves considering the “long game” as well as the “short game.”

4 Investing Tips for Now—No Matter What Markets Do

We all know about market uncertainty, but 2018 made us feel its effects in a big way. Try these strategies to help tackle volatility.

You're Not Too Young or Too Old to Plan Your Legacy

Estate planning isn't just for wealthy "fifty-somethings." If something happens to you, having a plan can make it easier for those you love.

When Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad for Portfolios

What happens when growth stocks perform better than value stocks?

Three Reasons to Give the Gift of College Savings

Gifts are important to kids. So is an education. Start a new tradition with college contributions.

5 Lessons to Teach Kids Money Smarts

Talking to your kids about money can give them financial confidence as adults. These subjects will help you get started.

This Year, Make a Financial Resolution that Works

This resolution isn't hard to keep: Reach out for financial advice.

5 Tips for Positioning Portfolios in Volatile Markets

The recent shock to global stock markets may cause concern for investors, but it may also provide opportunities for active managers.

Say Bah Humbug to Holiday Spending Regret

It's easy to get caught up in holiday spending. Finding that perfect gift can be expensive. Here are three ways to head off the bah humbugs.

Cyber Security: Think Before You Connect

As the number of security breaches rises, the more important it is to protect your personal information. Review our tips for online security.

Managing Finances on Your Own

When life changes occur, don't let emotions rule your decisions. Keep these points in mind as you review your financial situation.

Adding to Your Family?

Your family life may be changing, remember these tips to help focus on their needs and not subtract from your long-term savings.

Headed Down the Aisle?

Planning a wedding can be fun, but don't forget you're also marrying your finances. Review these tips to help avoid money conflicts with your future spouse.

Trade New Year's Resolutions for a Healthy Financial Game Plan

Given up on your new year's resolutions already? Why we think you should opt for a financial plan instead.

Giving Tuesday: A Reminder of Our Impact

On the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, think about your impact.

Unforeseen Job Change?

Experienced a recent job change? Understand how decisions you make can have a lasting impact on your finances and common mistakes to avoid.