General Investing | April 2020

How Can You Stay Connected?

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Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, lockdowns—all are taking a toll. But we’re not stopping all our regular activities, merely adjusting to new circumstances. How will you stay connected to family and community in this new world?

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Your Household

  • Coordinate work, school and social priorities
  • Find creative ways to celebrate birthdays and milestones (virtual parties, car parades)
  • Try out new hobbies, projects and games

Family Finances

  • Address changes in household expenses, income and employment
  • Gather your household and/or extended family to discuss medical and financial wishes


  • Find resources to cope with new work situations
  • Connect with colleagues on any work constraints
  • Meet up virtually with work friends after hours


  • Stay engaged with teachers and classmates in group activities
  • Keep in touch with friends after school


  • Organize events: virtual concerts, no-contact scavenger hunts
  • Identify neighbors who need extra support (groceries, lawn care)


  • Support local community groups financially or virtually
  • Check with volunteer organizations on new ways to serve


  • Gather your household for mealtimes
  • Ask your doctor about virtual appointments
  • Involve your family in home workouts or online fitness classes

Extended Family

  • Schedule regular phone/video calls
  • Check on elderly relatives
  • Share family videos and pictures
  • Mail letters and care packages

Today’s health scares, financial stresses and market turbulence can be overwhelming.

Check out these resources designed to answer questions about your finances and keep you and your loved ones connected right now.

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